Converter Basics

This page addresses a few of the common questions about performance high-stall torque converters. For answers to more specific questions, please give us a call!

What is Torque Converter Stall?

The easy answer is: The RPM a torque converter will allow the engine to attain with a given engine torque input.

How is Torque Converter Stall Measured?

That's where the confusion begins between the racer and the high-performance torque converter builder. Stall is measured in three different ways. TRUE, BRAKE and FLASH Stall. The only true way to set stall is using TRUE stall math.

What is TRUE Stall?

True stall is measured with the transmission locked (Trans brake) and the drive shaft still. The throttle is then fully depressed and held to obtain the holding RPM of the torque converter. This is the "TRUE" Stall.

What is Foot Brake Stall?

This is attained with the transmission in gear and the brakes depressed fully. Now slowly apply the accelerator. The RPM the engine reaches the moment before the tires spin is known as the "BRAKE" Stall. BRAKE Stall is not a consistent way to measure your stall converter and has many variables. This method will be lower then TRUE stall by 400-800 RPM.

What is FLASH Stall?

Flash stall is generally read while the car is in motion. While rolling at a slow speed the throttle is depressed fully to see where the RPM will flash (or peak). This method will not be true if tires spin or car is rolling too fast. Due to the turbine already turning in the torque converter we end up with less torque multiplication. This will give you a lower stall reading of between 200 and 600 RPM under the converters TRUE stall in the same application.

Why do I need a CUSTOM built high stall torque converter?

A torque converter that has a part number has many applications. Many manufactures sell you the same advertised 3200 rpm stall converter for your small block as they would for the next customers big block. This will always result in two very different stall settings ... Do you need a custom built high stall torque converter? Perhaps you don't, but building the units on a one to one basis allows us to put out a product that is configured correct the FIRST time. This is done using a "Performance Torque Converter Application Sheet." It's with this information we can custom configure your high performance torque converter to get the most gains from the performance upgrade.

Why not just buy the "other guys" $99 special?

I was always told that "You get what you pay for." This has never been truer than with a torque converter. Some racers will spend thousands of dollars on the drive train, only to lose 30% of that hard-earned power in a cheaply designed torque converter. Inefficiently stalled torque converters build unwanted transmission heat and never get close to coupling one-to-one (pump to turbine). Remember! There is more to life then the first 60 feet!

What do we mean by "Specs"?

By "specs" (specifications), I mean the things that add up when building a Custom High Stall Torque Converter, like displacement, cam, horse power, torque--as well as the car or truck it's in--transmission, point of shift (RPM), application (drag, street, street and strip), rear end ratio, tire size, and over all weight. This information is used to tailor your custom torque converter for maximum torque multiplication and efficiency.