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What if we told you we could get more of your horse power to the tires...
And guaranteed it!

Our converters are up to 20% more efficient than our competitors... This equals:

  • Increased horse power to the tires
  • More efficient mid-range and improved top end MPH
  • Better manners for street applications

Showing you what the competition seldom will...

The Inside!

Why Buy an Edge Racing Converter?

  • The more efficient coupler means lower rpm at the big end of the 1/4 mile!
  • Tighter clearances allow us to retain street manners in street / strip applications!
  • 100% MONEY BACK satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Warranted for 2 full years! (renewable on the "Pro Edge" series)

Inquire for sever duty, off road, or low stall diesel applications

Don't see the correct make, or unit for your application? Inquire for pricing on ANY custom configured performance converter!

We manufacturer converters for:



Dodge / Chrysler


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